Widget Settings and Customization (Optional)

Template Setting

In this custom template there are basic settings to change or adjust some of the features that exist in the blogger template. Such as: on/off progress bar scroll indicator, google translation, bookmark posts, setting the number of recent posts displayed based on labels, related posts, and so on.

  • On Blogger dashboard, click Layout
  • Select Template Settings > Edit
  • click Save.

Example of template settings :

Pengaturan Template

Pada kustom template ini ada pengaturan dasar untuk mengubah atau mengatur beberapa fitur yang ada pada template blogger. Seperti : on/off progress bar scroll indicator, google transalte, bookmark post, mengatur jumlah recent post yang ditampilkan berdasarkan label, related post, dan lain sebagainya.

  • Pada dashboard Blogger, klik Tata Letak
  • Pilih Template Setting > Edit
  • klik Simpan.

Contoh pengaturan template :

var tempSet = {  progScrollbar: true,  gTranslate: {    enable: true,    pageLang: "en",    includedLangs: "en,id,vi,zh-CN,th,ru,ms,ko,ja,it,hi,fr,es,de,ar,jw",    loadType: "defer"  },  bookmark: {    enable: true,    title: "Bookmark Posts",    txClose: "Close",    Icon: "<svg viewbox='0 0 16 16'><path d='M7.84 4.1a.178.178 0 0 1 .32 0l.634 1.285a.178.178 0 0 0 .134.098l1.42.206c. 6.993a.178.178 0 0 0-.051.158l.242 1.414a.178.178 0 0 1-.258.187l-1.27-.668a.178.178 0 0 0-.165 0l-1.27.668a.178.178 0 0 1-.257-.187l.242-1.414a.178.178 0 0 0-.05-.158l-1.03-1.001a.178.178 0 0 1 .098-.303l1.42-.206a.178.178 0 0 0 .134-.098L7.84 4.1z'></path><path d='M2 2a2 2 0 0 1 2-2h8a2 2 0 0 1 2 2v13.5a.5.5 0 0 1-.777.416L8 13.101l-5.223 2.815A.5.5 0 0 1 2 15.5V2zm2-1a1 1 0 0 0-1 1v12.566l4.723-2.482a.5.5 0 0 1 .554 0L13 14.566V2a1 1 0 0 0-1-1H4z'></path></svg>",    bmIcon: "<svg class='line' viewbox='0 0 24 24'><g><path d='M179.91029,187.1513l-1.8587,1.01868a2.04864,2.04864,0,0,1-3.01773-2.10788l.42672-2.59362a4.04634,4.04634,0,0,0-1.11291-3.4963l-1.86665-1.89681a2.02973,2.02973,0,0,1,1.15871-3.4316l2.32027-.35147a4.1,4.1,0,0,0,3.095-2.29318l1.20167-2.53825a1.81714,1.81714,0,0,1,3.27783,0l1.20167,2.53825a4.1,4.1,0,0,0,3.095,2.29318l2.32027.35147a2.02973,2.02973,0,0,1,1.15871,3.4316l-1.86665,1.89681a4.04634,4.04634,0,0,0-1.11291,3.4963l.42672,2.59362a2.04864,2.04864,0,0,1-3.01773,2.10788l-1.8587-1.01868A4.13465,4.13465,0,0,0,179.91029,187.1513Z' transform='translate(-169.8956 -166.42856)'></path></g></svg>",    bmPost: "<svg viewbox='0 0 16 16'><path d='M2 15.5V2a2 2 0 0 1 2-2h8a2 2 0 0 1 2 2v13.5a.5.5 0 0 1-.74.439L8 13.069l-5.26 2.87A.5.5 0 0 1 2 15.5zM8.16 4.1a.178.178 0 0 0-.32 0l-.634 1.285a.178.178 0 0 1-.134.098l-1.42.206a.178.178 0 0 0-.098.303L6.58 6.993c. 8.565a.178.178 0 0 0 .258.187l1.27-.668a.178.178 0 0 1 .165 0l1.27.668a.178.178 0 0 0 .257-.187L9.368 7.15a.178.178 0 0 1 .05-.158l1.028-1.001a.178.178 0 0 0-.098-.303l-1.42-.206a.178.178 0 0 1-.134-.098L8.16 4.1z'/></path></svg>",    noBmMes: "The list of favorite articles does not exist yet...",    noBmIcon: "<svg viewbox='0 0 24 24'><path d='M19,2L14,6.5V17.5L19,13V2M6.5,5C4.55,5 2.45,5.4 1,6.5V21.16C1,21.41 1.25,21.66 1.5,21.66C1.6,21.66 1.65,21.59 1.75,21.59C3.1,20.94 5.05,20.5 6.5,20.5C8.45,20.5 10.55,20.9 12,22C13.35,21.15 15.8,20.5 17.5,20.5C19.15,20.5 20.85,20.81 22.25,21.56C22.35,21.61 22.4,21.59 22.5,21.59C22.75,21.59 23,21.34 23,21.09V6.5C22.4,6.05 21.75,5.75 21,5.5V7.5L21,13V19C19.9,18.65 18.7,18.5 17.5,18.5C15.8,18.5 13.35,19.15 12,20V13L12,8.5V6.5C10.55,5.4 8.45,5 6.5,5V5Z'></path></svg>",    noBmAll: "View all articles",    noBmLink: "/search",    delIcon: "<svg class='line' viewbox='0 0 24 24'><g transform='translate(3.500000, 2.000000)'><path d='M15.3891429,7.55409524 C15.3891429,15.5731429 16.5434286,19.1979048 8.77961905,19.1979048 C1.01485714,19.1979048 2.19295238,15.5731429 2.19295238,7.55409524'></path><line x1='16.8651429' y1='4.47980952' x2='0.714666667' y2='4.47980952'></line><path d='M12.2148571,4.47980952 C12.2148571,4.47980952 12.7434286,0.714095238 8.78914286,0.714095238 C4.83580952,0.714095238 5.36438095,4.47980952 5.36438095,4.47980952'></path></g></svg>",    addedNtf: "<b>Added</b> to Bookmarks!",    removedNtf: "<b>Removed</b> from Bookmarks!"  },  firebase: {    enable: true,    db: "https://apmody-ar-default-rtdb.firebaseio.com",    counter: {      enable: true,      iconView: "<svg viewbox='0 0 576 512'><path d='M288 128C217.3 128 160 185.3 160 256s57.33 128 128 128c70.64 0 128-57.32 128-127.9C416 185.4 358.7 128 288 128zM288 352c-52.93 0-96-43.06-96-96s43.07-96 96-96c52.94 0 96 43.02 96 96.01C384 308.9 340.1 352 288 352zM572.5 238.1C518.3 115.5 410.9 32 288 32S57.69 115.6 3.469 238.1C1.563 243.4 0 251 0 256c0 4.977 1.562 12.6 3.469 17.03C57.72 396.5 165.1 480 288 480s230.3-83.58 284.5-206.1C574.4 268.6 576 260.1 576 256C576 251 574.4 243.4 572.5 238.1zM543.2 260.2C492.3 376 394.5 448 288 448c-106.5 0-204.3-71.98-255-187.3C32.58 259.6 32.05 256.9 31.1 256.2c.0547-1.146 .5859-3.783 .7695-4.363C83.68 135.1 181.5 64 288 64c106.5 0 204.3 71.98 255 187.3c.3945 1.08 .9238 3.713 .9785 4.443C543.9 256.9 543.4 259.6 543.2 260.2z'/></path></svg>",      iconDl: "<svg class='line' viewbox='0 0 24 24'><polyline points='8 17 12 21 16 17'/><line x1='12' x2='12' y1='12' y2='21'/><path d='M20.88 18.09A5 5 0 0 0 18 9h-1.26A8 8 0 1 0 3 16.29'/></path></line></polyline></svg>"    },    clap: {      enable: true,      icon: "<svg viewbox='0 0 512 512'><path d='M320 96c8.844 0 16-7.156 16-16v-64C336 7.156 328.8 0 320 0s-16 7.156-16 16v64C304 88.84 311.2 96 320 96zM383.4 96c5.125 0 10.16-2.453 13.25-7.016l32.56-48c1.854-2.746 2.744-5.865 2.744-8.951c0-8.947-7.273-16.04-15.97-16.04c-5.125 0-10.17 2.465-13.27 7.02l-32.56 48C368.3 73.76 367.4 76.88 367.4 79.97C367.4 88.88 374.7 96 383.4 96zM384 357.5l0-163.9c0-6.016-4.672-33.69-32-33.69c-17.69 0-32.07 14.33-32.07 31.1L320 268.1L169.2 117.3C164.5 112.6 158.3 110.3 152.2 110.3c-13.71 0-24 11.21-24 24c0 6.141 2.344 12.28 7.031 16.97l89.3 89.3C227.4 243.4 228.9 247.2 228.9 251c0 3.8-1.45 7.6-4.349 10.5c-2.899 2.899-6.7 4.349-10.5 4.349c-3.8 0-7.6-1.45-10.5-4.349l-107.6-107.6C91.22 149.2 85.08 146.9 78.94 146.9c-13.71 0-24 11.21-24 24c0 6.141 2.344 12.28 7.031 16.97l107.6 107.6C172.5 298.4 173.9 302.2 173.9 305.1c0 3.8-1.45 7.6-4.349 10.5c-2.899 2.9-6.7 4.349-10.5 4.349c-3.8 0-7.6-1.45-10.5-4.349L59.28 227.2C54.59 222.5 48.45 220.1 42.31 220.1c-13.71 0-24 11.21-24 24c0 6.141 2.344 12.28 7.031 16.97l89.3 89.3c2.9 2.899 4.349 6.7 4.349 10.5c0 3.8-1.45 7.6-4.349 10.5c-2.899 2.899-6.7 4.349-10.5 4.349c-3.8 0-7.6-1.45-10.5-4.349L40.97 318.7C36.28 314 30.14 311.7 24 311.7c-13.71 0-23.99 11.26-23.99 24.05c0 6.141 2.332 12.23 7.02 16.92C112.6 458.2 151.3 512 232.3 512C318.1 512 384 440.9 384 357.5zM243.3 88.98C246.4 93.55 251.4 96 256.6 96c8.762 0 15.99-7.117 15.99-16.03c0-3.088-.8906-6.205-2.744-8.951l-32.56-48C234.2 18.46 229.1 15.98 223.1 15.98c-8.664 0-15.98 7.074-15.98 16.05c0 3.086 .8906 6.205 2.744 8.951L243.3 88.98zM480 160c-17.69 0-32 14.33-32 32v76.14l-32-32v121.4c0 94.01-63.31 141.5-78.32 152.2C345.1 510.9 352.6 512 360.3 512C446.1 512 512 440.9 512 357.5l-.0625-165.6C511.9 174.3 497.7 160 480 160z'></path></svg>",      txClp: "Clap +",      max: 25,      txMax: "Clap has reached the limit : +"    },    loadType: "defer"  },  psByLabel: {    numbPs: 6,    szThumb: 120  },  progDL0: {    enable: true,    time: 7,    tx1: "Preparing download link in <span>",    tx2: "</span> seconds...",    tx3: "Please wait..."  },  progDL1: {    enable: true,    time: 7  },  analytics: {    enable: true,    propertyID: "G-1CK30T260X",    loadType: "defer"  },  adSense: {    enable: true,    publisherId: "ca-pub-1234567890123456",    loadType: "defer"  },  antiAdBlock: {    enable: true,    title: "AdBlock Detected!",    text: "<p>We have detected that you are using adblocking plugin in your browser.</p> <p>The revenue we earn by the advertisements is used to manage this website, we request you to whitelist our website in your adblocking plugin.</p>",    icon: "<svg viewbox='0 0 24 24' xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'><path d='M7.775 0a1.8 1.8 0 0 0-1.273.527L.528 6.503A1.8 1.8 0 0 0 0 7.775v8.45c0 .478.19.936.528 1.274l5.974 5.974A1.8 1.8 0 0 0 7.775 24h8.45a1.8 1.8 0 0 0 1.273-.527l5.975-5.974A1.8 1.8 0 0 0 24 16.225v-8.45a1.8 1.8 0 0 0-.527-1.272L17.498.527A1.8 1.8 0 0 0 16.225 0zm4.427 3c1.02 0 .958 1.108.958 1.108v6.784s-. 0 .175-.226.175-.226l-.002-5.63s-.05-.986.959-.986c1.01 0 .97.983.97.983v7.621s. 0 .944-2.122.944-2.122s.451-1.497 2.576-1.1c.038.008-.167.688-.167.688l-2.283 6.556S15.69 20.7 11.714 20.7c-5.044 0-4.808-5.407-4.814-5.405V7.562s-.016-.99.897-.99c.858 0 .849.99.849.99l.007 3.583s-. 0 .141-.172.141-.172l.01-5.926s-.055-1.162.966-1.162c1.04 0 .983 1.142.983 1.142v5.611s-. 0 .154-.206.154-.206l.01-6.693S11.18 3 12.202 3Z'></path></svg>",    close: true  },  antiBoomClick: {    enable: true,    classAd: ".adsbygoogle, .adB",    iframeAd: ".adsbygoogle iframe",    max: 3,    resetTime: 3600,    msg: "Please don't be naughty if you don't want to support us..",    loadType: "defer"  },  mobileFonts: "@font-face{font-family:'Google Sans Text';font-style:normal;font-weight:400;font-display:swap;src:local('Google Sans Text'),local('Google-Sans-Text'),url(https://fonts.gstatic.com/s/googlesanstext/v16/5aUu9-KzpRiLCAt4Unrc-xIKmCU5qEp2iw.woff2) format('woff2')} @font-face{font-family:'Google Sans Text';font-style:normal;font-weight:700;font-display:swap;src:local('Google Sans Text'),local('Google-Sans-Text'),url(https://fonts.gstatic.com/s/googlesanstext/v16/5aUp9-KzpRiLCAt4Unrc-xIKmCU5oPFTnmhjtg.woff2) format('woff2')} @font-face {font-family: 'Fira Mono';font-style: normal;font-weight: 400;font-display: swap;src: local('Fira Mono Regular'), local('FiraMono-Regular'), url(https://fonts.gstatic.com/s/firamono/v9/N0bX2SlFPv1weGeLZDtQIg.woff) format('woff'), url(https://fonts.gstatic.com/s/firamono/v9/N0bX2SlFPv1weGeLZDtgJv7S.woff2) format('woff2')}"};
  • progScrollbar : on/off the progress bar scroll indicator feature. boolean value (true/false).
  • googleTranslate :
    • enable : on/off google translate feature. boolean value (true/false).
    • pageLang : set the default language of google translate.
    • includedLangs : set which languages ​​are available.
    • loadType : sets when the feature is loaded. string value(lazy, defer, scroll)
  • bookmark :
    • enable : on/off bookmark post feature. boolean value (true/false).
    • title : set the title.
    • txClose : set the close button text.
    • Icon : set bookmark data icon.
    • bmIcon : set list post button icon.
    • bmPost : set button icon on post.
    • noBmMes : set the information text if there is no data.
    • noBmIcon : set the information icon if there is no data.
    • noBmAll : set link text see all posts.
    • noBmLink : set link see all content.
    • delIcon : set the delete button icon.
    • addedNtf : set bookmark notification text added successfully.
    • removedNtf : set bookmark notification text removed successfully.
  • firebase :
    • enable : on/off firebase features. boolean value (true/false).
    • db : set the realtime database link.
    • counter :
      • enable : on/off view count and download counter feature. boolean value (true/false).
      • iconView : set icon on view counter information.
      • iconDl : set icon on download counter information.
    • clap :
      • enable : on/off the clap counter feature. boolean value (true/false).
      • icon : set icon.
      • txClp : set the text of the clap button when clicked.
      • max : set the maximum click limit for visitors per page.
      • txMax : set the clap information text has reached the click limit.
    • loadType : sets when the feature is loaded. string value(lazy, defer, scroll)
  • psByLabel :
    • numbPs : set the number of posts in the posts widget by label.
    • szThumb : set the post thumbnail size by label.
  • progDL0 :
    • enable : on/off progress feature when click download step 1. Boolean value (true/false).
    • time : set how long the progress is when clicked (seconds). integer value.
    • tx1, ... : set the text for the step 1 download progress feature.
  • progDL1 :
    • enable : on/off progress feature when click download step 2. Boolean value (true/false).
    • time : set how long the progress is when clicked (seconds). integer value.
  • analytics :
    • enable : on/off Google Analytics feature. boolean value (true/false).
    • propertyID : set the Google Analytics Property ID.
    • loadType : sets when the feature is loaded. string value(lazy, defer, scroll)
  • adSense :
    • enable : on/off Google AdSense feature. boolean value (true/false).
    • publisherId : set the Google AdSense publisher ID.
    • loadType : sets when the feature is loaded. string value(lazy, defer, scroll)
  • antiAdBlock :
    • enable : on/off the adBlock detection feature. boolean value (true/false).
    • title : set the title text.
    • text : set the content text.
    • icon : set icon.
    • close : on/off button close. boolean value (true/false).
  • antiBoomClick :
    • enable : on/off the ad click detection feature / click fraud. boolean value (true/false).
    • classAd : class name of the ad element. value string value.
    • iframeAd : the name of the ad iframe class. value string value.
    • max : maximum limit for visitors to click on ads. integer value.
    • resetTime : time to reset if ad clicks have reached the limit (seconds). integer value.
    • msg : set the text of the ad click information has reached the limit.
    • loadType : sets when the feature is loaded. string value(lazy, defer, scroll)
  • mobileFonts : set font in mobile mode.
  • progScrollbar : on/off fitur progress bar scroll indikator. nilai boolean (true/false).
  • googleTranslate :
    • enable : on/off fitur google translate. nilai boolean (true/false).
    • pageLang : mengatur bahasa default google translate.
    • includedLangs : mengatur bahasa apa saja yang tersedia.
    • loadType : mengatur kapan fitur dimuat. nilai string (lazy, defer, scroll)
  • bookmark :
    • enable : on/off fitur bookmark post. nilai boolean (true/false).
    • title : mengatur judul.
    • txClose : mengatur teks tombol tutup.
    • Icon : mengatur icon data bookmark.
    • bmIcon : mengatur icon tombol list post.
    • bmPost : mengatur icon tombol pada post.
    • noBmMes : mengatur teks informasi kalau belum ada data.
    • noBmIcon : mengatur icon informasi kalau belum ada data.
    • noBmAll : mengatur teks link lihat semua postingan.
    • noBmLink : mengatur link lihat semua konten.
    • delIcon : mengatur icon tombol hapus.
    • addedNtf : mengatur teks notifikasi bookmark berhasil ditambahkan.
    • removedNtf : mengatur teks notifikasi bookmark berhasil dihapus.
  • firebase :
    • enable : on/off fitur firebase. nilai boolean (true/false).
    • db : mengatur link realtime database.
    • counter :
      • enable : on/off fitur penghitung jumlah tampilan dan unduhan. nilai value boolean (true/false).
      • iconView : mengatur icon pada informasi penghitung tampilan.
      • iconDl : mengatur icon pada informasi penghitung unduhan.
    • clap :
      • enable : on/off fitur penghitung jumlah clap. nilai value boolean (true/false).
      • icon : mengatur icon.
      • txClp : mengatur teks tombol clap saat diklik.
      • max : mengatur batas maksimal di klik untuk pengunjung per halaman.
      • txMax : mengatur teks informasi clap sudah mencapai batas klik.
    • loadType : mengatur kapan fitur dimuat. nilai string (lazy, defer, scroll)
  • psByLabel :
    • numbPs : mengatur jumlah post pada widget postingan berdasarkan label.
    • szThumb : mengatur ukuran thumbnail postingan berdasarkan label.
  • progDL0 :
    • enable : on/off fitur progress saat klik download step 1. nilai boolean (true/false).
    • time : mengatur berapa lama waktu progress saat diklik (detik). nilai integer.
    • tx1, ... : mengatur teks pada fitur progress download step 1. nilai string.
  • progDL1 :
    • enable : on/off fitur progress saat klik download step 2. nilai boolean (true/false).
    • time : mengatur berapa lama waktu progress saat diklik (detik). nilai integer.
  • analytics :
    • enable : on/off fitur Google Analytics. nilai boolean (true/false).
    • propertyID : mengatur Google Analytics Property ID.
    • loadType : mengatur kapan fitur dimuat. nilai string (lazy, defer, scroll)
  • adSense :
    • enable : on/off fitur Google adSense. nilai boolean (true/false).
    • publisherId : mengatur ID publisher Google adSense.
    • loadType : mengatur kapan fitur dimuat. nilai string (lazy, defer, scroll)
  • antiAdBlock :
    • enable : on/off fitur deteksi adBlock. nilai boolean (true/false).
    • title : mengatur teks judul.
    • text : mengatur teks konten.
    • icon : mengatur icon.
    • close : on/off tombol close. nilai boolean (true/false).
  • antiBoomClick :
    • enable : on/off fitur deteksi klik iklan / click fraud. nilai boolean (true/false).
    • classAd : nama class elemen iklan. nilai value string.
    • iframeAd : nama class iframe iklan. nilai value string.
    • max : batas maksimal pengunjung mengklik iklan. nilai integer.
    • resetTime : waktu untuk mengatur ulang jika klik iklan sudah mencapai batas (detik). nilai integer.
    • msg : mengatur teks informasi klik iklan sudah mencapai batas.
    • loadType : mengatur kapan fitur dimuat. nilai string (lazy, defer, scroll)
  • mobileFonts : mengatur font pada mode mobile.

Setting recent posts widget by specific label.

  • On Blogger dashboard, click Layout
  • Select Featured Apps or Games > Edit
  • Change Title value as heading text
  • Change the value of Content according to the name of the post label to be displayed
  • click Save.

Pengaturan widget postingan terbaru berdarkan label tertentu.

  • Pada dashboard Blogger, klik Tata Letak
  • Pilih Featured Apps atau Games > Edit
  • Ubah nilai Judul sebagai teks heading
  • Ubah nilai Konten sesuai nama label postingan yang akan ditampilkan
  • klik Simpan.

Widget Blog

Some guidelines for Blog Widgets or post settings, such as some custom post modes found in certain templates, activating the Dark Mode feature permanently etc.

Using FullPage Features

The Fullpage feature can be used to change the post layout or appearance of the page by removing sidebar element which aims to provide more space so that blog readers/visitors can focus more on the content.

To use it, simply add the 'Fullpage' label to your post as shown in the image below:

Can the label name above be changed?

Of course, you can also change the label name above with another name as you wish. To do this you have to edit the HTML template first, you can find a code like this in your template and change the highlighted part:

Widget Blog

Beberapa panduan untuk Widget Blog atau setelan postingan, seperti beberapa mode custom postingan yang terdapat di template tertentu, mengaktifkan fitur Dark Mode secara permanen dan lain sebagainya.

Menggunakan Fitur FullPage

Fitur Fullpage dapat digunakan untuk merubah tata letak postingan atau merubah tampilan halaman dengan menghilangkan elemen sidebar yang bertujuan untuk memberi ruang lebih agar pembaca/pengunjung blog bisa lebih fokus ke konten.

Untuk menggunakannya cukup tambahkan label 'zFullpage' pada postingan Anda.

Apakah nama label di atas bisa diubah?

Tentu, Anda juga bisa merubah nama label di atas dengan nama label lain sesuai keinginan. Untuk melakukannya Anda harus mengedit HTML template terlebih dahulu, silahkan temukan kode seperti ini pada template Anda lalu ubah bagian yang ditandai:


There's more than one of the above code in the template that you have to change all of them, use the find and replace feature to instantp editing by pressing ctrl + shift + R in the template HTML editor.

Using Sponsored Pages

Sponsored Page allows you to add paid posts (advertisements/reviews) for certain products on your blog, in this mode the author information will not be displayed.

Just like the previous feature, to use the Sponsored page you must add 'Sponsored' label in the post you want. The label name can also be changed, you can find and replace some codes as below:

Terdapat lebih dari satu kode di atas dalam template yang Anda harus ubah semuanya, gunakan find and replace fitur untuk mempercepat pengeditan dengan menekan ctrl + shift + R di editor HTML template.

Menggunakan Halaman Sponsored

Sponsored Page memungkinkan Anda menambahkan postingan berbayar (iklan/review) untuk produk tertentu dalam blog, dalam mode ini informasi penulis tidak akan ditampilkan.

Sama seperti fitur sebelumnya, untuk menggukanan halaman Sponsor Anda harus menambahkan label 'Sponsored' di postingan yang Anda inginkan. Nama label juga bisa diubah, temukan dan ganti beberapa kode seperti di bawah ini:


Activating Dark Mode Permanently

You may want to permanently use dark mode and make light mode an alternative, this may be a little difficult but you can implement this by changing some of your blog's HTML code.

The first step is to add the code below after the <body> tag:

Mengaktifkan Dark Mode Secara Permanen

Sebagian dari Anda mungkin menginginkan menggunakan mode gelap secara permanen dan menjadikan mode terang sebagai alternatif, ini mungkin sedikit sulit tapi Anda bisa menerapkan ini dengan mengganti beberapa kode HTML blog Anda.

Langkah pertama tambahkan kode di bawah ini sesudah tag <body>:

<b:class name='drK'/>

The next step we have marked some parts of the code that you need to change along with examples, your task is just to find some code that has been marked below (the code is placed separately in some parts of the blog's HTML):

Langkah selanjutnya kami sudah menandai beberapa bagian kode yang harus Anda ubah beserta contohnya, tugas Anda hanya mencari beberapa kode yang sudah ditandai di bawah ini (kode ditempatkan secara terpisah di beberapa bagian HTML blog):

document.querySelector('#mainCont').classList.add('drK') : document.querySelector('#mainCont').classList.remove('drK')
document.querySelector('#mainCont').classList.remove('drK') : document.querySelector('#mainCont').classList.add('drK')

Changing the Maximum Number of Lines in Post Title and Snippet

We limit the maximum number of lines for post titles with a limit of 3 lines and summary/snippets of posts with a limit of 2 lines on the home page, posts with long titles may be truncated. If you don't want this to happen, replace the CSS code marked below:

Mengubah Jumlah Baris Maksimal pada Judul dan Ringkasan Postingan

Kami membatasi jumlah baris maksimal untuk judul postingan dengan batas 3 baris dan ringkasan/cuplikan postingan dengan batar 2 baris di halaman beranda, postingan dengan judul yang panjang mungkin saja akan terpotong. Jika Anda tidak ingin hal ini terjadi, gantilah kode CSS bertanda di bawah ini:

.aTtl a, .pSnpt{color:inherit; display:-webkit-box;-webkit-line-clamp:3; ... }.pSnpt{-webkit-line-clamp:2; ... }
  • Change the numbers 3 and 2 in the code above to determine the maximum line limit,
  • Change display:-webkit-box; be display:block; to disable the max row limit.

Post Timestamp Format

Post timestamp writing is set by default with MMM d, y format, you can't change this format via Layout or Blogger Settings.

We've done our research and determined this format is the most concise and easy for readers to understand, if you don't like this format the only way to change it is to edit your HTML template.

Before that, please study the date format in HTML on the page: unicode.org

Next in the HTML template, please look for the code MMM d, y, MMMM d, y, MMM d, YYYY, MMMM d, YYYY. Each template may have a different code, so look for one of those codes. An example of complete writing in an HTML template is like this:

  • Ubah angka 3 dan 2 pada kode di atas untuk menentukan batas baris maksimal,
  • Ubah display:-webkit-box; menjadi display:block; untuk menonaktifkan pembatasan baris maksimal.

Format Stempel Waktu Postingan

Penulisan stempel waktu postingan diatur secara baku dengan format MMM d, y, Anda tidak bisa merubah format ini melalui Tata letak atau Setelan Blogger.

Kami sudah melakukan riset dan menentukan format ini yang paling ringkas dan mudah difahami oleh pembaca, jika Anda tidak menyukai format ini satu-satunya cara untuk merubahnya adalah dengan mengedit HTML template Anda.

Sebelum itu silahkan pelajari terlebih dahulu format penulisan tanggal pada HTML di halaman: unicode.org

Selanjutnya pada HTML template silahkan cari kode MMM d, y, MMMM d, y, MMM d, YYYY, MMMM d, YYYY. Setiap template mungkin memiliki kode berbeda, jadi carilah salah satu dari kode tersebut. Contoh penulisan lengkap dalam HTML template adalah seperti ini:

<time class='aTtmp pTtmp pbl' expr:data-text='format(data:post.date, &quot;MMM d, y&quot;)' expr:datetime='data:post.date.iso8601' expr:title='&quot;Published: &quot; + data:post.date format &quot;MMMM d, y&quot;'/>

Disable Post Update Date

In our theme the post date will automatically change based on the last date the post was updated, this is important to notify readers that the article they are reading is not outdated.

We don't understand if anyone wants to remove this feature on their blog, but here's the code that must be changed to disable this feature:

Nonaktifkan Tanggal Pembaruan Postingan

Pada tema kami tanggal postingan akan otomatis berubah berdasarkan tanggal terakhir postingan diperbarui, ini penting untuk memberitahu pembaca kalau artikel yang sedang dibacanya tidak usang.

Kami tidak mengerti jika ada orang yang ingin menghapus fitur ini dalam blognya, tapi ini kode yang harus diubah untuk menonaktifkan fitur ini:

<b:includable id='postTimestamps'><b:if cond='data:post.lastUpdated != data:post.date'><time class='aTtmp pTtmp upd' data-date='Updated:' expr:data-text='format(data:post.lastUpdated, &quot;MMMM d, YYYY&quot;)' expr:data-time='format(data:post.lastUpdated, &quot;MMM d, YYYY&quot;)' expr:datetime='data:post.lastUpdated.iso8601' expr:title='&quot;Last updated: &quot; + data:post.lastUpdated format &quot;MMMM d, YYYY&quot;'/><b:else/><time class='aTtmp pTtmp pbl' expr:data-text='format(data:post.date, &quot;MMMM d, YYYY&quot;)' expr:data-time='format(data:post.lastUpdated, &quot;MMM d, YYYY&quot;)' expr:datetime='data:post.date.iso8601' expr:title='&quot;Published: &quot; + data:post.date format &quot;MMMM d, YYYY&quot;'/></b:if></b:includable>
<b:includable id='postTimestamps'><time class='aTtmp pTtmp pbl' expr:data-text='format(data:post.date, &quot;MMMM d, YYYY&quot;)' expr:data-time='format(data:post.lastUpdated, &quot;MMM d, YYYY&quot;)' expr:datetime='data:post.date.iso8601' expr:title='&quot;Published: &quot; + data:post.date format &quot;MMMM d, YYYY&quot;'/></b:includable>

Disable Reading Time Feature

The Reading Time feature functions to determine the estimated time spent reading the entire article, the time displayed automatically changes according to the length or number of characters in an article.

However, you can also disable this feature by removing the code as below:

Nonaktifkan Fitur Reading Time

Reading Time befungsi untuk menentukan perkiraan waktu yang dihabiskan untuk membaca keseluruhan artikel, waktu yang ditampilkan otomatis berubah sesuai dengan panjang atau banyaknya karakter dalam sebuah artikel.

Bagaimanapun, Anda juga bisa menonaktifkan fitur ini dengan cara menghapus kode seperti dibawah ini:

<!--[ Reading time ]--><div class='pRd pIn'><bdi id='rdTime'/></div>
<script>/*<![CDATA[*/ function get_text(el) { ... maincount = Math.round(counted); document.getElementById('rdTime').innerHTML = maincount + ' min read'; /*]]>*/</script>

Disable Description Under Post Title

This description will automatically appear if the search description on post is enabled, this description will also appear in search results later. Disabling or hiding this feature will not remove the post description from search results.

Find and delete the code below to hide this feature:

Nonaktifkan Deskripsi di Bawah Judul Postingan

Deskripsi ini akan otomatis muncul jika deskripsi penelusuran pada postingan diaktifkan, deskripsi ini juga yang akan muncul pada hasil pencarian nantinya. Menonaktifkan atau menyembunyikan fitur ini tidak akan menghilangkan deskripsi postingan pada hasil pencarian.

Silahkan temukan dan hapus kode dibawah ini untuk menyembunyikan fitur ini:

<!-- Post Description --><div class='pDesc'><data:blog.metaDescription/></div>

Enable/Disable Link To Blogger Profile Page

Profile widgets in Blogger are divided into 2 types: Individual Profile widgets and Team Profile widgets. If there's only one admin or author on the blog, the Individual Profile will be displayed. If there is more than one author, the Team Profile will be displayed.

In the Profile widget, each author's name will automatically be directed to the Blogger profile page, to maintain privacy you can disable this link by changing the code below:

Aktifkan/Nonaktifkan Link Menuju Halaman Profil Blogger

Widget Profile dalam Blogger terbagi 2 macam: widget Profile Individual dan Profile Team. Jika hanya terdapat satu admin atau penulis di blog maka Profile Individual yang ditampilkan. Jika lebih dari satu penulis maka Profile Team yang akan ditampilkan.

Dalam widget Profile, setiap nama penulis akan otomatis mengarah ke halaman profil Blogger, untuk menjaga privasi Anda bisa menonaktifkan link ini dengan cara mengganti kode di bawah ini:

<b:include name='userProfileLink'/>
<b:include name='userProfileNameOnly'/>

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